The 5 Stages of Consecration: Discover the secrets to walking with the Holy Spirit & living fully surrendered to God. Experience the life that God has always desired for you!

multiply your church, business & personal productivity

 Using  principles drawn from Christ's parable of the sower, seed & soil, Bruce unlocks practical insights & tools that will maximize your productivity & accelerate growth in your church, business & every aspect of your life.

you were born for this!

Stop wishing you were someone else & discover who you were meant to be. In this course, you will learn how to make a lifestyle of divine missions your new normal.

Anyone Can Become A Great motivator

 Anyone Can Become a Great Motivator:  In this course discover two power tools that any teacher, pastor or leader can use to excite others to maximize the learning experience.

The vision of the leader

Real leaders aren't born. They are made. Through this course, you will dig into the Scriptures to find the first seeds of a vision, examine the stages if it's growth, and explore its maturity & validation.